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All the proposed exhibits below will teach simple, time-proven, natural health principles. We are hoping to build these fun, interactive, health science exhibits to serve the cities as part of the health ministries of the Seventh-day Adventist church. The Kellogg Museum below might be ideal for use in an historic district or building as the primary permanent health exhibit. The other small health attractions can be rotated in as appropriate. The images below are just a tiny little inkling of what's possible. Click on the images below for details of each.


The family health museum will be most effective when used in concert with a vegetarian cafe, health food store, seminar rooms, and demonstration rooms, etc. The seminar room can be used for health education programs such as CHIP, NEWSTART, Ask a Doctor, Supper Clubs, Health Expos, etc. The demonstation rooms are where visitors participate in hands-on instruction on how to treat common illnesses using simple home remedies for themselves and their families. Visitors might also be offered the option of in-home training with hands-on instruction in healthful living, vegetarian cooking and shopping, and simple natural remedies.

Dr. Kellogg's Road to Wellness

Dr. Kellogg's Road to Wellness Exhibit - proposed

The Healing Sun Exhibit Health Fair Exhibit for Health Fairs Poology Exhibit
The Healing Sun Exhibit - proposed NEWSTART Display Collection - proposed Poology Exhibit - proposed
  Lifestyle Laboratory Exhibit  
  Prophetic/Religious Displays  

Prophetic/Religious Displays - proposed



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